HSmartBPM functional demonstrations preparation

HSmartBPM team is ready to demonstrate a functional prototype of the solution to the 5 pilot sites. After receiving valuable comments from all procurers’ regions, through the non-functional prototype demonstration, we have built a functional solution and will demonstrate it to all pilot regions, seeking more interaction and feedback from the users’ side.

The solution was formulated by integrating the different components from each partner’s perspective. Each partner developed its own component to fit HSmartBPM solution’s needs, tested it and integrated it, following the architecture design submitted back in the end of phase I. This procedure finds the solution in its current state, which is ready for the functional prototype demonstrations in each pilot site. The integration of the solution in the local EHR systems was not feasible until now, as we had difficulties in obtaining information from the local infrastructures of the procuring regions.

We held some workshops with the local infrastructure responsible persons, to define this information and fill in any possible gaps between our solution and the procurers’ systems. This step remains to be completed after the demonstrations, when all workshops will be completed, and all the required information will have been obtained from our side.