Smart personalized user experience

  • Supporting people with hypertension, Informal Caregivers & Healthcare Professionals
  • Friendly notification mechanism
  • Innovative model for care delivery
  • Automated patient reported outcomes
  • Prevention, Detection, Evaluation and Management for optimal care for patients
  • Holistic approach and individualized treatment for hypertension
  • Treatment simplification, better control
  • Hypertensive Patient empowerment

Intelligent insights

  • AI-driven personalised decision support based on the “digital twin” concept
  • Risk management for early detection and prevention of hypertension
  • Hypertension adherence optimisation
  • Simplified shared care plans
  • Support for healthcare providers to integrate the latest guidelines into their daily practice
  • Applied strategies to improve control of hypertension

Effortless Plug & Play

  • Easily connected to data sources, medical devices and sensors
  • International Standard-based interoperability
  • Enhanced semantic vocabularies & terminologies
  • Informative web & mobile clinical dashboards

Data privacy by design

  • Security & privacy features for data management
  • Dynamic patient consent
  • Secured clinical document & data sharing
  • Compliance with National & European regulations

Involved organisations